Enel has launched a new global e-mobility business called Enel X Way, which will exclusively focus on providing smart electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure solutions.

According to the Italian energy company, Enel X Way will be engaged in developing charging solutions and services for electric vehicles to expedite their adoption by consumers, businesses, cities, and governments.

The new business is presently active in 17 countries in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. It is said to manage more than 320,000 public and private charging ports directly and under roaming agreements.

Enel X Way CEO Elisabetta Ripa said: “The future is electric, and decarbonising our energy and transportation systems will require smart infrastructure solutions to be the bedrock of this transition.

“Enel X Way was created to accelerate a sustainable transportation future for all. Becoming Enel X Way is a testament to Enel’s increasing investment in electric mobility and commitment to supporting the larger clean energy transformation.”

Enel X Way’s North American business is headquartered in San Carlos, California. It will support the demand for charging infrastructure for EVs and smart EVs with its portfolio of EV charging solutions, which includes JuiceBox.

The new business of Enel is also planned to consolidate its partnerships around the world with EV manufacturers, private firms, and public institutions.

It will make use of an ‘interoperable system’ by taking part in roaming agreements and joint ventures so that customers get access to an extensive and abundant charging experience across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Enel X Way is expected to launch new retail, automotive, and utility partnerships this spring, which will add to its commercial customer base.

Enel X Way North America head Chris Baker said: “Across North America, major automakers are doubling down on their electric vehicle plans, large corporations are electrifying their fleets, and new policies and incentives are accelerating more EV adoption.”