Global digital payments company WSPN has teamed up with digital assets trading platform BitMart to advance digital payment innovation and promote the adoption of digital asset trading.

The collaboration focuses on leveraging the individual strengths of WSPN and BitMart and brings about a synergy that redefines the landscape of digital payments.

As part of the collaboration, BitMart will actively support the launch of WUSD, a USD-pegged native digital token within the WSPN ecosystem.

WUSD enables seamless transactions across different use cases and provides users with a stable and secure digital asset for their payment needs.

BitMart co-founder and COO Jessica said: “BitMart is committed to driving innovation and enhancing the user experience within the digital asset trading sphere.

“Our partnership with WSPN is a testament to our dedication to fostering a more interconnected and user-friendly digital economy.”

WSPN said that its expertise in providing transparent, fast, and effective digital payment solutions aligns with BitMart’s goal of delivering a superior trading experience.

Furthermore, the partnership will unlock new possibilities in the digital payments landscape and contribute to the wider adoption of digital assets globally, said the digital payments company.

WSPN founder and CEO Raymond Yuan said: “This partnership with BitMart marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards redefining digital payments. The collaboration showcases our dedication to relentless digital innovation.

“Together, leveraging BitMart’s expertise in trading and our focus on efficient payment solutions, we aim to introduce WUSD, a stable, secure digital asset, ushering in a new era of seamless transactions.”