Sesami Cash Management Technologies, a cash ecosystem integrator and technology company, has acquired Germany-based fintech Planfocus software (planfocus) for an undisclosed price.

Established in 2004, planfocus provides cash optimisation technology to help cut down spending on logistics and cash holding costs.

The software solutions from the German firm are also claimed to help clients in enhancing availabilities and service levels.

By using planfocus’ technology, financial institutions and consumer businesses around the world can drive up process optimisation and bring in solid cost and service efficiencies across their cash ecosystem.

Presently, planfocus is said to optimise the operations of more than 78,000 bank branches, cash processing centres, and ATMs.

Planfocus CEO and co-founder Joachim Walser said: “We are extremely proud to be joining forces with Sesami, a state-of-the-art innovator and disruptive global leader, to offer a true end-to-end and fully integrated cash software solution enabling financial institutions and consumer businesses to seamlessly manage and outsource their entire cash ecosystem.

“As part of Sesami, we will now be able to truly scale our next generation technology and bring our unmatched cash optimisation solutions to a broader global client base.”

Sesami said that the integration of planfocus will further grow its global client portfolio for including major consumer businesses and financial institutions.

The integration to Sesami’s existing technology stack is also expected to enlarge its cash optimisation offering for its current client base.

Sesami CEO Steph Gonthier said: “With this acquisition, Sesami becomes the global leader in cash optimization solutions, with an unrivalled technology stack now up-scaled with the addition of planfocus’ cutting-edge cash optimisation software.

“Integrated to our enterprise cash ecosystem software platform, planfocus’ AI based technology and strong team will further enable Sesami to deliver the only true end-to-end tech-enabled cash ecosystem solution to financial institutions and consumer businesses.”