Enel X Way and Saba Italia have teamed up to improve electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across Italy, to provide 51 charging stations in 17 of the latter’s parking lots throughout the country.

Saba Italia is an Italian company that specialises in public parking management, while Enel X Way is an Enel Group company that is dedicated fully to electric mobility.

The collaboration involves the installation of Enel X Way’s Waybox charging stations, each with 7.4 kW of AC power, designed to cater to electric vehicle owners making brief stops. The charging stations, which are already operational, can be conveniently booked via the Enel X Way app and operate on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The strategic locations of these charging stations, spread across Italy, present a significant advantage to electric vehicle owners, and contribute to creating a more sustainable, livable urban environment.

The collaboration fits into a broader trend toward intermodal urban mobility, combining private and public transport, shared mobility services, and micromobility. As such, public parking lots are transforming into critical hubs for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, offering high-performance and easy-to-access charging systems.

As of now, users can reserve these charging infrastructures via the Enel X Way app, indicating an increase in digital solutions that improve user experience and convenience.

The initiative marks a significant step in enhancing the overall experience for electric vehicle owners in Italy, thereby encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to more sustainable city living.