General Motors (GM) has made a significant move in the electric vehicle (EV) market by acquiring the assets of ALGOLiON, an Israeli battery software startup, for an undisclosed price.

The deal was carried out by GM’s newly formed Technology Acceleration and Commercialization (TAC) organisation, which focuses on identifying emerging technologies for the company’s battery development leadership. This acquisition demonstrates GM’s commitment to staying ahead through investments, acquisitions, and partnerships.

ALGOLiON, founded in 2014 by Niles Fleischer and Alex Nimberger, received early support from the Israeli Innovation Authority.

The company has developed highly sophisticated software that utilises data streams from EV battery management systems. This software plays a crucial role in identifying anomalies in cell performance, ensuring proper vehicle health management, and early detection of battery hazards like thermal runaway propagation events.

Fleischer, with over 40 years of experience and 80 patents in the battery industry, brings invaluable expertise, while Nimberger’s military and civilian experience strengthens the team’s knowledge of lithium-ion battery operation.

Fleischer said: “The ALGOLiON team is excited to join GM on its track to an all-electric vehicle future.

“We found the right home for our technology to play an integral role in maintaining healthy batteries for exciting products and reach customers globally.”

By integrating ALGOLiON’s software with GM’s internal capabilities and extensive experience in delivering top-quality products at scale, the time-to-market for a cost-effective early hazard detection system can be significantly accelerated. This system holds immense benefits for millions of GM customers worldwide.

GM TAC vice president Gil Golan said: “ALGOLiON has developed cutting edge battery analytics and prediction software that will help General Motors deliver great performing EVs for our customers.”

ALGOLiON’s software employs sophisticated algorithms that can identify subtle changes impacting battery health weeks before conventional methods, without the need for additional hardware or sensors, while the battery continues to operate normally.

Despite the acquisition, ALGOLiON’s employees, including the founders, will remain in Israel and join GM’s Technical Center in Herzliya, where they will be led by Guy Daniely, a senior engineering manager. This move strengthens GM’s presence in Israel and aligns with the company’s vision of zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.

The GM Israel team, an integral part of the Global Product Development Group, specialises in advanced technologies such as software and algorithms, machine learning, cyber security, and user-facing applications. Their expertise plays a crucial role in shaping the future of mobility, particularly in the areas of autonomous, electric, and connected vehicles.