The Publication

FDE continues to evolve. When it was established as a pan-European CFO magazine in 1992, its purpose was to keep CFOs updated with the latest topics and trends and provide them with decision useful insight. As methods of communication advanced, these new channels became an integral part of how we reached our CFO audience. From web portals to e-zines to social media, FDE has not only kept the pace, but has taken an active lead in serving the CFO with information across all key channels, including the likes of LinkedIn and YouTube.

While we maintain robust editorial independence, FDE takes great pride in maintaining a loyal CFO community. We consider our audience as ‘members’ and enjoy regular face to face meetings with them at our numerous events held throughout Europe. FDE has a ‘world class or nothing’ attitude, whereby we want to delight both our CFOs and sponsors with the most useful content from the most important CFOs.