Wells Fargo has expanded the availability of LifeSync, a personalised digital platform to help clients with their financial planning, to all consumer customers.

LifeSync, which is available in the Wells Fargo Mobile app, was launched to all wealth and investment management (WIM) clients in February 2023.

The expansion of the digital platform comes in line with a significant move for WIM’s advice and planning group, which will be an enterprise-wide centre of excellence, said the American financial services company.

The platform will offer more customer segments with customised solutions.

LifeSync offers real-time progress on goals and tracks vital information including full Wells Fargo account summary, FICO scores, market indexes, and credit card reward balances.

The platform will be fully synced with a customer’s branch experience to offer the option to generate a multichannel experience through digital as well as banker touchpoints.

Besides, customers will be able to opt to either have a goals conversation with a banker and then track those goals in LifeSync or stating their goals in the platform first and then follow up with a banker.

Wells Fargo advice and planning head Michael Liersch said: “Expanding availability of LifeSync to our consumer customers is the first proof point in Wells Fargo’s strategic delivery of digital-first, personalized financial advice and planning offerings.

“Since it launched earlier this year, LifeSync has delivered on its promise to enable WIM clients to more easily share their goals with their advisor, see how they’re progressing toward them in real-time, and deliver relevant content and context to better understand what’s influencing those goals.”

Last year, Wells Fargo launched a new digital banking platform dubbed Vantage for its clients in commercial banking and corporate and investment banking.