Wealth data management solution provider WealthArc has joined forces with neurosymbolic knowledge graph question answering (KGQA) technology firm ZeroLink to develop a machine learning-driven ‘chat with your data’ service, dubbed WealthArc AI & Analytics.

The new cutting-edge service is customised for the wealth management space.

Through the partnership, ZeroLink’s technology will be integrated in the development of WealthArc AI & Analytics. The new service will allow a transforming approach for wealth management to seamlessly access, navigate, and understand complex data sets.

ZeroLink’s technology is a KGQA and knowledge modelling platform that uses machine learning to deliver quick, precise, and explainable responses to complex queries with reasoning that can be tailored by users.

ZeroLink CEO Darren Tseng said: “We are excited to partner with the WealthArc team to offer a solution that can work with the sort of data that others simply cannot.

“Instead of training these models on massive corpuses of data to improve accuracy, our technology enables natural language querying from your existing data and is also better for data privacy as a result.”

Based in Switzerland, WealthArc supports wealth managers, family offices, trustees, and other wealth owners with a unique data management platform aggregating worldwide more than 200,000 positions every day.

According to WealthArc, the innovative solution will enable individuals as well as institutions to interact with wealth data in an easy and effective manner.

The company’s Wealth Data Management platform is powered by a proprietary data aggregation engine with more than 125 application programming interface (API) connections. It is leveraged for data cleansing, reconciliation, and intelligent reporting.

WealthArc’s app is multi-custodian and multi-currency driven solution that ensures its clients have access to up-to-date and accurate intelligent information.

WealthArc CEO Radomir Mastalerz said: “We are thrilled to partner with ZeroLink to introduce WealthArc AI & Analytics solution to the wealth management industry.

“The solution powered by ZeroLink will revolutionise the way portfolio managers, as well as wealth owners, interact with wealth data; ultimately elevating the level of service and raising the bar for the wealth management space as a whole.”