Artificial intelligence (AI) technology firm Wealth Management GPT has introduced an AI-powered writing tool developed exclusively for advisors. 

The Wealth Management GPT solution is expected to transform the way financial professionals craft communications. 

It will allow financial personnel to offer highly effective and tailored messaging as well as financial education to their customers, prospects and the communities they serve. 

Based in the US, Wealth Management GPT supports advisors with a portfolio of robust AI-driven features to improve their marketing capabilities. 

The features will also enhance communications, optimise workflow, deliver more personalised experiences and save time and money for advisors. 

Besides, the AI firm also leverages advanced natural language processing to provide advisors with the ability to take charge of their own narrative. 

According to Wealth Management GPT, the combination of advanced AI technologies powered by OpenAI and the knowledge of advisors’ requirements has helped the firm to develop the solution that will change the way advisors work and communicate. 

Wealth Management GPT helps to analyse the context and purpose of the advisor’s message to offer real-time suggestions for word choices, sentence structures and overall tone. 

It also enables advisors to customise their communications to the specific requirements of customers and prospects. 

Wealth Management GPT founder Marc Butler said: “Wealth Management GPT represents a significant leap forward in the use of AI to enable the human advisor and their business. We understand the challenges advisors face when it comes to effective communication, marketing, and delivering personalization at scale.  

“With Wealth Management GPT, we are focused on empowering advisors with a solution to get past these challenges, helping them achieve extraordinary client and prospect experiences, and delivering measurable value.”