In a strategic move to enhance financial planning and wellness services, Voyant, a global provider of SaaS-based wealth management solutions, has unveiled Voyant Wellness.

This innovative module-based solution is specifically tailored for enterprise companies seeking to provide clients with a personalised array of self-directed tools and services to effectively plan for their financial futures.

Voyant CEO David Kaufman said: “Financial wellness begins by providing people personalized services designed to meet their goals.

“With Voyant Wellness, we are offering the enterprise market a digital-first way to interact with their clients and provide configurable financial tools and services that can be personalized according to business needs. Our goal is to help enterprise companies leverage technology and data to unlock financial success for their clients.”

Designed with a focus on enterprise entities such as banks, private banks, and wealth management firms, Voyant Wellness offers a diverse range of customisable module-based solutions. These include standalone calculators, account aggregation, simplified goal planning, and the unique capability to construct a personalised financial timeline.

Importantly, these modules seamlessly integrate into the organisation’s brand identity and internal tools and experiences, making them easily accessible to clients, customers, or employees.

Voyant Wellness can be conveniently accessed from corporate intranets, employer benefit sites, or incorporated into direct-to-consumer digital solutions. Regardless of the platform, consumer engagement with the financial wellness modules serves a dual purpose.

The information gathered during these interactions not only aids in lead generation but also facilitates client segmentation and targeted marketing efforts.

The consumer-centric approach of Voyant Wellness empowers individuals to self-direct their interaction with the tools and services through an intuitive interface. Each tool within the platform provides consumers with the flexibility to initiate their financial wellness journey based on their specific needs.

Whether it’s planning for major life events like weddings or the arrival of a new child, understanding retirement goals, or simply taking the initial steps towards building savings, Voyant Wellness caters to diverse financial aspirations.