Volkswagen said that its charging and energy subsidiary Elli has completed the installation of 400,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points in Europe.

The German automaker claimed that with the milestone, Elli has created the largest charging network in Europe, with over 800 providers spread across 27 countries.

Elli is said to have forged several alliances and partnerships. Included in these are power producers Enel and Iberdrola, oil and gas firm BP, and IONITY, which is a joint venture between certain automobile majors.

In the last 18 months, the EV charging network is claimed to have doubled in size through the installation of nearly 200,000 new charging points.

The expansion of the network is also said to be contributed by Elli’s addition of Swedish energy firm Vattenfall and Fastned, a Dutch fast-charging specialist.

Volkswagen said that its charging subsidiary has added nearly 24,000 Vattenfall stations in Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden. It has also installed 1,000 high-power charging points (HPC) which are operated by Fastned in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Elli’s network is also said to have been expanded in the UK with an additional 6,800 EV charging stations. According to Volkswagen, these stations are managed by BP Pulse.

Elli CEO and Volkswagen charging and energy senior vice president Elke Temme said: “The key to everyday electric mobility is easy charging without any range anxiety. We have taken a huge step closer to our vision by offering 400,000 charging points in Europe.

“In line with our NEW AUTO strategy, we now offer the largest ecosystem for drivers of electric vehicles in Europe and are continuing to press full speed ahead in our work to expand the charging network.”

Volkswagen stated that the charging service provided by AUDI will be added to the portfolio in 2023.

Established in 2018, Elli provides digital solutions and services that are developed to facilitate seamless experiences for EV drivers at public charging stations.