US-based smart mobility infrastructure management firm Iteris has announced that it was selected for a sub-contract by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for the connected and automated vehicle (CAV) related planning services.

A CAV data strategic plan is expected to be delivered by Iteris to help VDOT staff understand how the state can accommodate present and future data needs to manage traffic, enhance safety, and improve CAV readiness.

According to the company, the programme makes use of Iteris’ expertise in managing smart mobility infrastructure to help the state achieve its objective of keeping up with CAV technology advancements.

It is to ensure a smooth transition to the management and operation of transportation systems in the future (TSMO).

Under the terms of the subcontract, Iteris will access VDOT to integrate CAV data from external sources into VDOT’s information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) related systems.

It is said to improve their ability to conduct business, and in turn, by sharing agency-wide business data from their IT and OT-related systems, it will support the deployment of CAV applications and meet the data needs of CAV.

Iteris mobility operations services general manager Moe Zarean said: “We are proud to support VDOT’s forward-thinking CAV initiative with what will be the first strategic plan of its kind in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“Iteris’ involvement in the growing connectedness of multimodal road users positions us to help communities around the nation prepare for the future, and enhance the value, effectiveness and resilience of their existing transportation infrastructure.”

The project is said to be in alignment with various CAV deployments Iteris is working on across the U.S. such as supervision of pilot deployments, advanced pedestrian detection smart work zones, and automated commercial vehicle inspections.