DataSnipper, a provider of intelligent automation platform, has forged a partnership with Validis, an on-demand accounting data provider, to provide a seamless comprehensive audit testing process to auditors.

When DataSnipper is seamlessly integrated with Validis, it streamlines the audit process by creating a unified workflow, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of audits.

Validis facilitates immediate access to financial data sourced from the ERP systems of audit clients. This data is organised into informative reports by Validis, with the capability to extract the structured information as an Excel file.

The Excel file is subsequently incorporated into DataSnipper, where auditors can leverage it to automatically align data with audit evidence, thereby contributing to the creation of a high-quality and easily reviewable audit trail.

Validis commercial director Mike Bowman said: “Both of these technologies are bringing about efficiencies auditors can’t ignore.

“It is clear in the modern data ecosystem that bringing integrated partners together who are best-in-class makes it easier for audit teams to transform their workflows.”

According to DataSnipper, audit teams worldwide grapple with staff retention challenges and an increased focus on regulatory requirements for precise financial reporting. The adoption of such as DataSnipper and Validis is said to enable auditors to streamline their workflows, resulting in the production of high-quality audit outputs.

Embracing the technological advancements empowers audit teams to work efficiently, ensuring a seamless and accurate audit process, said DataSnipper.

DataSnipper product VP Youssef Hounat said: “We are excited to see the efficiencies we can offer our mutual users increase through the announcement of the partnership between Validis and DataSnipper.”