Ushur, the leader in AI-powered Customer Experience Automation (CXA), has announced the launch of its self-service solution for financial institutions to automate Know Your Customer (KYC) and paperless enrollment processes.

KYC regulations require financial institutions to continually verify the accuracy of customer records, such as phone numbers and addresses. Traditional methods of outreach, such as letters and emails, often result in low response rates, exposing businesses to compliance risks.

Moreover, as financial institutions shift from paper-based to digital processes to streamline operations, securing customer consent through conventional methods remains a costly challenge.

Ushur’s innovative solution facilitates the seamless capture of customer details and consent, offering proactive digital experiences at scale. Business users can now launch self-service journeys that efficiently guide customers through address verification and paperless opt-ins, tailored to their preferred interaction methods:

  • Reduce manual data entry with native tools and integrations
  • Reach customers through their preferred channels, including text, email and mobile apps
  • Ensure secure transmission of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

“By automating Know Your Customer (KYC) and paperless enrollment processes, we enable clients to capture critical information and support Go Green efforts through innovative communication channels,” said Yvonne Daugherty, Global Head of Industries at Ushur. “Our AI-powered platform combines ease of use with enterprise-class security, empowering large, highly regulated enterprises to swiftly meet AI and digital innovation goals while overcoming costly operational inefficiencies.”

Ushur’s digital experiences are designed to bridge engagement gaps in mortgage, auto, student and credit card lending and servicing. This launch underscores Ushur’s commitment to enhancing self-service capabilities within highly regulated industries.

Source: Company Press Release