Low-code automation platform Tray.io has introduced a new order-to-cash (O2C) solution aimed at finance and operations teams.

The solution enables automation and acceleration of the payment collection process, while eliminating departmental silos and reducing data entry errors.

It offers a range of workflow templates to automate actions throughout the order-to-cash process, from closing a sale to creating sales orders in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and synchronizing payment and invoice information back to the customer relationship management (CRM).

Tray.io said that customers such as Mixpanel and Udemy have already adopted its platform to streamline their order-to-cash processes to minimise manual work involved in order entry, revenue reconciliation, and payment collection.

The time-saving solution allows their teams to focus on critical financial and accounting projects that drive profitability and business growth, said Tray.io.

The low-code automation platform provider said that it offers organisations a flexible and cloud-first approach to automation and integration at scale. The order-to-cash features available on its platform enable teams to reduce manual tasks, expedite payment collection, and provide seamless customer experiences.

Tray.io. co-founder and CEO Rich Waldron said: “The unchecked proliferation of SaaS applications across the enterprise has driven departmental operations teams to low-code iPaaS solutions that give them the ability to transform fragmented processes into powerful business outcomes.

“With Tray.io’s AI-augmented low-code platform, extensive library of connectors and the governance capabilities IT demands, finance teams who are intimately familiar with their O2C processes now have the flexibility, speed and control they need to solve their business issues and establish steady cash flows.”

Its new order-to-cash automation solution includes ready-built templates for Salesforce and NetSuite, accelerating the automation process.

These templates, such as the Salesforce Account to NetSuite Customer and Salesforce Opportunity to NetSuite Sales Order, automate the creation of corresponding sales orders, accounts, and contacts in NetSuite when a deal is marked “closed won” in Salesforce.

Additionally, the NetSuite Invoice to Salesforce Invoice and NetSuite Payment to Salesforce Payment templates sync invoice and payment information from NetSuite back to the originating Salesforce opportunity on a daily basis.

Tray.io has also enhanced its ERP connectivity, specifically within the NetSuite ecosystem, enabling more seamless integration experiences.

Updated endpoints and segmented NetSuite REST and SOAP API connectors empower teams to easily build and maintain NetSuite workflows. These additions complement Tray.io’s existing library of ERP connectors, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

To ensure smooth order-to-cash processes, Tray.io has introduced enhanced error handling capabilities. Customers can swiftly diagnose and resolve issues in real time to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

By gaining comprehensive visibility into their workflows, teams can proactively monitor potential problems by creating custom dashboards, said the low-code automation platform provider.