In a strategic collaboration poised to redefine fund distribution, TIFIN AMP, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for Asset Management distribution, has joined forces with BetaNXT, a provider of frictionless wealth management enterprise solutions, real-time data capabilities, and enhanced wealth advisor and investor experiences.

The partnership marks a significant milestone in the financial technology landscape, aiming to empower asset managers with unprecedented tools for optimising distribution efforts to financial advisors and enhancing data provision offerings through intelligence-driven solutions.

TIFIN AMP’s real-time, AI-driven insights will seamlessly integrate with BetaNXT’s exclusive connected data capabilities, presenting a formidable combination for asset managers seeking to streamline their distribution strategies. This collaboration promises a transformative impact on the industry, allowing wealth managers and financial advisors to leverage cutting-edge technologies for more precise fund distribution efforts.

By harnessing BetaNXT’s data ecosystem in collaboration with BetaNXT wealth management clients, asset managers can now embark on significantly more precise and targeted fund distribution endeavours. TIFIN AMP’s modular approach ensures accessibility for asset managers of all sizes, whether used independently or integrated seamlessly into existing CRM and marketing automation systems.

Asset managers can now access a comprehensive platform that amalgamates marketing expertise, distribution intelligence, and AI-supported sales signals. This integration enhances their ability to engage with wealth management clients effectively, offering a holistic solution for navigating the complex landscape of fund distribution.

BetaNXT business Beta president Tim Rutka said: “The partnership between BetaNXT and TIFIN AMP doesn’t just signify a collaboration; it’s a strategic position to actively support our clients.

“In today’s data-driven landscape, it’s essential to efficiently process vast amounts of information, curate content distribution, and tailor experiences to individual preferences. By leveraging TIFIN AMP’s unique AI capabilities and industry expertise, we are now able to transform wholesale distribution efforts into actionable strategies.”

BetaNXT, recognised for powering the future of connected wealth, brings its extensive data capabilities to the forefront of this partnership.

Leveraging deep industry expertise, proven solutions, and a diverse client base, BetaNXT integrates TIFIN AMP’s sophisticated artificial intelligence offerings to enable fund managers to target financial advisors at wealth managers more efficiently. This strategic alignment is poised to increase the effectiveness of distribution efforts, ultimately fostering accelerated growth.

TIFIN AMP CEO Sal Gagliano said: “Our AI platform delivers real-time, actionable, customised data-driven insights. With BetaNXT’s collaboration, we are taking a monumental step towards transforming the industry by leveraging a broad spectrum of advisor- and product-level transaction and behavioral data with our algorithms.

“By combining BetaNXT’s real-time data with AMP’s advanced algorithms, we offer unprecedented intelligence that aligns with relevant context, providing precise insights across various investment products and strategies.”