Thailand’s Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri Bank) has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive its digital transformation in a move to bolster customer experience and operational efficiencies.

Through the engagement with AWS, Krungsri Bank aims to build innovation culture in the company apart from progressing financial inclusion in Thailand.

The three entities of the Thai banking group, namely Bank of Ayudhya, Ayudhya Capital Services, and Krungsri Auto will be able to collaborate using data analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Krungsri Bank also intends to offer personalised services and customised offers 60% more efficiently.

Besides, the Thailand-based bank expects to utilise the cost savings realised with AWS to develop new products.

Bank of Ayudhaya data and analytics division head Tul Roteseree said: “Our digital transformation into an AI-driven bank with AWS is helping us better serve our growing base of digitally savvy customers while also helping our underserved communities build financial resilience.

“Our enterprise data platform on AWS brings all our subsidiaries together and helps them build digital and more inclusive financial services using data analytics and machine learning.

“The reliability of AWS’s world-class infrastructure has also transformed the way we bring solutions to market to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date services for our customers.”

Krungsri Bank is utilising Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud to address the lack of flexibility and scalability of its on-premises IT infrastructure to support the new digital services.

The bank has also deployed a self-service business intelligence (BI) solution using Tableau, hosted on Amazon EC2.

It will support the bank’s workforce with easy access to data analytics and visualisation tools and facilitate informed decision-making across the organisation.

Besides, Krungsri Bank is said to have implemented a comprehensive data platform on AWS to provide all departments with a 360-degree understanding of its retail customers.

Furthermore, the bank’s cloud data platform allows it to seek ML projects to power customer experience.

The bank can also streamline delivery routes for vehicles transporting cash to the bank’s more than 6,000 ATMs across Thailand with Amazon SageMaker.

AWS Thailand country manager Vatsun Thirapatarapong said: “With AWS’s generative AI and machine learning capabilities at the forefront, Krungsri can make faster business decisions, deliver more compelling services for its Thai customers, and help the unbanked become more financially secure and included.”