Targa Telematics has joined forces with SAP Labs France to embark on a joint project to expedite digital transformation and the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) for corporate fleets, leasing and rental firms, and airport services vehicles.

The project aims to assist clients with fleet electrification and management.

Targa Telematics is an Italy-based IT company that specialises in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and digital platforms for connected mobility.

The firm expects to deliver its expertise and advanced technology in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, IoT, and data analytics to the project.

Founded in 1998, SAP Labs France is part of a SAP research centre network that focuses on the development and ongoing enhancement of the primary SAP solutions.

The partnership will leverage SAP Labs France’s expertise in vehicle electrification and its platform to develop, operate, and manage EV charging networks. SAP Labs France will also help to integrate the end-to-end billing processes on a single platform.

The solution built by the partners is anticipated to mitigate the environmental impact of clients by assessing their whole fleet and vehicles which can possibly be replaced with electric cars.

As per Targa Telematics’ analysis, 70% of vehicles in vast fleets can be replaced easily with EVs.

Targa Telematics France country manager Jad Tabet said: “We are pleased to partner with an innovative player that shares our approach in innovation and environmental sustainability such as SAP Labs.

“The future of fleets will also be influenced by digital solutions, supporting clients’ operability and offering significant benefits to reach the company’s and environmental KPIs.

“Thanks to this collaboration, we keep investing in Research & Development to support rental companies and company fleet managers in their digital transformation and vehicle electrification.”

Through the integration between the digital platform of Targa Telematics and SAP’s Open E-Mobility platform, the new solution will enable fleet managers to access advanced tools to handle and book charging stations with the necessary power output.

By completing the project with a corporate car sharing solution with keyless access to the latest EV models, companies can maximise their fleet optimisation and sustainability, said Targa Telematics.

SAP Labs France managing director Hanno Klausmeier said: “When I announced my wish in 2015 to convert the entire company car fleet to electric cars within 5 years, I got a lot of criticism. Today 92% of our employees are happy EV drivers and Open E-Mobility was instrumental in driving this change.”