TAI (Tindall Associates, Inc.), a leading provider of reinsurance administration software and services, announced today the launch of TAI Insights, an intuitive reinsurance analytics toolset that empowers TAI clients to improve reinsurance operations and optimize their reinsurance portfolios. Powered by Comotion, a technology business that builds tools for the life insurance and finance industries, TAI Insights uses analytics in reinsurance decisions to increase efficiency in risk management and operational processes.
“At TAI, we strive to drive administrative efficiencies while reducing operational and financial risk for our clients,” said Brian Traxler, Senior Vice President, Business Development, TAI. “With our new Insights tool, clients can analyze, evaluate, and make decisions about their reinsurance portfolio at the press of a button, in ways they could not do before.”

“Comotion was founded to use the power of cloud and data analytics to drive positive change in the financial services industry,” said Tim Vieyra, CEO, Comotion. “We are very happy to be partnering with TAI to bring this revolutionary toolset to life insurers.”

TAI Insights provides reinsurance clients with a powerful analytics toolset that allows them to monitor overall and individual treaty performance and watch for emerging experience from their book of business. The tool also allows them to examine client/policyholder concentration risk and align their reinsurance program with their corporate risk appetite. Through highly customizable dashboards designed specifically for reinsurance teams, TAI Insights enables users to monitor the business performance of their reinsurance portfolio and actuarial teams to conduct deeper analyses of reinsurance programs.

For nearly 40 years, TAI has served the life insurance industry specializing in reinsurance administration software and reinsurance services. Through the TAI platform, clients can administer and self-report all reinsurance business, both ceded, reinsured, and retroceded, in an electronic format to share with their reinsurance partners.

Source: Company Press Release