SMArtX Advisory Solutions, a managed accounts technology provider, has unveiled the SMArtX Transition Analysis Tool, aimed at transforming how financial advisers manage client account transitions to new investment models while minimising tax impacts.

The SMArtX Transition Analysis Tool is designed to simplify and expedite the intricate process of portfolio transitions through advanced automation and customisation features. By eliminating manual calculations, it allows advisers to focus more on delivering exceptional client service and fostering strategic business growth.

One of its key functionalities includes instant overlap analysis, which automatically compares clients’ current holdings with new investment models. This analysis optimises existing positions and reduces unnecessary selling, thereby enhancing portfolio efficiency.

Moreover, the tool offers customisable tax-budget scenarios that empower advisers to align tax strategies with specific financial goals. Advisors can generate tailored scenarios within predefined tax parameters, ensuring optimal tax efficiency for their clients.

Additionally, the SMArtX Transition Analysis Tool facilitates automated tax-aware selling, enabling the automatic liquidation of legacy positions within specified tax parameters. This feature streamlines the transition process while ensuring compliance with tax considerations.

SMArtX CEO Jonathan Pincus said: “Our goal with the Transition Analysis Tool is to support the modern adviser who seeks to enhance their clients’ financial well-being while scaling their business.

“By leveraging automation and seamless integration, we aim to alleviate operational burdens, allowing advisers to maximise their talents.”

Available now on the SMArtX platform, the SMArtX Transition Analysis Tool is said to respond to the growing demand for personalised investing solutions and enhanced tax efficiency among financial advisers.

SMArtX chief product officer Alex Thompson said: “Our mission is to equip advisers with the next-gen tools needed to excel in investment management and better serve their clients.”