SMArtX Advisory Solutions, a unified managed accounts (UMA) technology provider, has introduced a wealth management platform, dubbed SMArtY, to address the needs of financial advisors.

According to the company, SMArtY has features including intra-day trading, billing services, and access to some of the largest and most reputable asset managers’ models in the world.

The free wealth management platform is designed to support professionals to fulfill their financial goals without having to pay excessive fees for traditional wealth management solutions.

SMArtX Advisory Solutions said that the manager-sponsored platform will be launched to the public in September 2023.

Based in the US, SMArtX Advisory Solutions manages a turnkey asset management platform.

Its new wealth management platform will provide financial advisors with free access to many features of the SMArtX TAMP including an artificial intelligence (AI) portfolio construction tool, cash management tools, tax impact, and tax harvesting technology.

Besides, SMArtY offers access to models’ within a UMA structure and automates an advisor’s account management workflow.

It is expected to allow financial advisors to focus more on other revenue-producing activities.

SMArtX Advisory Solutions founder and CEO Evan Rapoport said: “SMArtY breaks new ground in applying managed accounts technology to the wealth advisory industry with a free solution that caters to advisors needs.

“By creating SMArtY, we are able to give advisors and their clients access to world-class investment solutions and award-winning managed accounts technology to deliver superior outcomes at no cost, which means everyone wins.”

According to the company, the SMArtY platform will continue to extend its roster of asset managers and features over the summer of 2023.