NCR Atleos said that US-based Security Bank of Kansas City has opted for NCR Atleos ATM as a Service and Atleos ITM as a Service, to provide its customers with simple, convenient self-service banking options.

For 90 years, Security Bank of Kansas City has been catering to businesses and consumers in the Kansas City area. Faced with a growing yet ageing ATM fleet, the bank reevaluated the deployment model and strategy for its self-service banking offerings, said NCR Atleos.

Consequently, the bank has chosen to rely on NCR Atleos experts for comprehensive ATM and ITM maintenance and management. This decision allows the bank to broaden self-service banking options for customers while conserving employee time and bank resources for more valuable core business activities.

Atleos global sales executive vice president Diego Navarrete said: “The ATM and ITM continue to be crucial touchpoints as customers increasingly view flexibility and choice as deciding factors when it comes to bank loyalty.

“By outsourcing this critical channel with us, the bank is boosting efficiencies, providing greater availability to customers, and is positioning itself to more quickly implement new features and functionality.”

Headquartered in Atlanta and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, NCR Atleos focuses on broadening financial access by transitioning transactions to the self-service channel. The company empowers financial institutions and retailers to utilise its ATM network.

By leveraging digital-first technology and a global services operation, NCR Atleos enhances branch optimisation, improves operational efficiency, and maximises self-service availability.

Security Bank of Kansas City EVP/chief retail officer Thomas Davies said: “We have a track record of success with Atleos as a dependable partner for hardware and managed services. Now relying on Atleos for comprehensive ATM and ITM management and deployment as well, we will be able to evolve our self-service strategy with greater efficiency and ease.

“We look forward to Atleos helping us facilitate more convenient, accessible customer interactions while supporting our continued growth.”