Savvy Wealth, a digital-first platform catering to financial advisors, has announced the launch of its new, fully integrated advisor platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

The platform is designed to modernise human financial advice and bring advisors’ daily workflows into an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.

The AI-powered advisor platform efficiently automates and streamlines critical processes, ranging from new account onboarding to client portfolio recommendations, ongoing financial planning, and personalised communications across multiple marketing channels.

The comprehensive suite of tools caters to modern advisors serving high-net-worth clients, providing them with the necessary software and tools to customize service offerings and strengthen client relationships.

Savvy Wealth co-founder and CEO Ritik Malhotra said: “Wealth management industry data tells us that ‘all-in-one’ platforms have failed to gain significant market share. Realising the largely untapped potential of AI-driven efficiency, we saw an opportunity for our talented team to change that narrative and build our own solution from the ground up.

“Listening to our advisors, we designed our platform to eliminate the challenges caused by fragmented technology, double data entry, and manual workflows that have historically plagued advisors and hindered their growth.”

With a mission to revolutionise how advisors manage, operate, and scale their businesses, Savvy Wealth’s new technology offerings include a powerful, in-house built CRM. This AI-driven CRM consolidates various client and prospect data sources into a single interface, significantly reducing manual data entry.

The nimble solution runs powerful and complex automations, tailored to the specific needs of Savvy’s advisors, resulting in enhanced client engagement and relationship management.

The platform further leverages cutting-edge AI technology, including GPT-4, within its CRM to drive client communication and marketing automation.

By ingesting data from various sources, Savvy Wealth’s CRM creates personalised outbound marketing campaigns and generates investment and planning recommendations. This empowers Savvy’s advisors to cultivate stronger relationships and establish trust with prospects and clients.

Setting itself apart from legacy solutions, Savvy Wealth’s advisor platform includes an intuitive client portal. The easy-to-use interface offers a unified experience that is directly integrated into its technology stack.

Clients benefit from self-service capabilities, enhancing efficiency and reducing pain points with document signing and sharing, reporting, and advisor-client communication.

Beyond the new advisor platform, Savvy Wealth’s technology stack includes tax-optimised, risk-adjusted portfolios, made possible by the recent launch of Savvy Direct Indexing. This innovative tool empowers advisors to build personalized, tax-efficient, values-aligned portfolios tailored to their high-net-worth clients’ unique environmental, social, and governance (ESG) preferences.

The platform also offers held-away retirement account management, trust and estate planning, financial planning, and investment management solutions, providing access to several alternative asset classes.

Savvy Wealth further supports growth-minded advisors by streamlining back-office tasks through its internal operations team, encompassing performance reporting, compliance, and more.

Using generative AI, the platform simplifies many compliance-oriented tasks that traditionally involve manual data entry, note-taking, and logging of client communications, ultimately streamlining the overall process.

With its -powered advisor platform and comprehensive technology offerings, Savvy Wealth aims to empower financial advisors to deliver a superior digital banking experience to their clients.

The platform represents a significant step forward in modernizing financial advisory services and advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of client-advisor interactions.