Rockefeller Asset Management, the asset management arm of Rockefeller Capital Management, has joined forces with UniCredit, a pan-European commercial bank known for its unique service offerings across Italy, Germany, Central, and Eastern Europe, to introduce the onemarkets Rockefeller Global Innovation Equity Fund.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Rockefeller embarks on its first-ever partnership with an Italian institution for the distribution of such a fund.

Designed to cater to clients throughout UniCredit’s expansive network, the onemarkets Rockefeller Global Innovation Equity Fund will be integrated into the bank’s onemarkets Fund range. It is strategically positioned to deliver superior returns compared to global equities by targeting predominantly large- and some mid-cap companies that are driving innovation across four enduring mega trends: technology, healthcare, demographics, and decarbonisation.

Rockefeller Asset Management International president Chip Montgomery said: “As we see it, the world is in the midst of a profound transformation driven by rapidly evolving technological advancements, and now is an ideal entry point for investors hoping to capitalize on the integration of these innovations into everyday life.

“We believe this fund is a compelling opportunity for European investors seeking to capitalise on innovation and is a truly differentiated global equity offering in the European market.”

Emphasizing a focused investment approach, the fund’s universe revolves around these four key pillars and encompasses sixteen underlying sub-themes. Leveraging a meticulous and replicable process, the fund’s investment team meticulously assesses both the investment and innovation theses for each company included in the portfolio.

Since its inception in October 2022, UniCredit’s onemarkets Fund has consistently broadened the suite of investment solutions available to the bank’s network clients. This initiative underscores UniCredit’s commitment to providing a diverse array of investment opportunities, achieved through a blend of in-house expertise and strategic partnerships with renowned asset managers.

UniCredit group investment and protection products head Claudia Vacanti said: “At its core, our onemarkets Fund family is all about delivering bespoke, best-in-class asset management strategies to clients across our Group.

“Our partnership with Rockefeller Asset Management goes exactly in this direction – and we’re pleased to bring their skills and expertise on board via the onemarkets Rockefeller Global Innovation Fund, which will give investors exclusive exposure to the very best in innovation.”