American software firm SS&C Technologies said that Saudi Arabia-based Riyad Bank has transitioned its automation programme to the SS&C Blue Prism intelligent automation platform.

Through the transition, the bank aims to upgrade its automation solution for supporting three main business objectives, namely customer experience (CX), innovation, and performance culture.

Riyad Bank has deployed automation across eight areas of operations, including ATM and cash management, corporate payment operations, consumer finance operations, retail operations, governance, and operational excellence.

Riyad Bank operations executive vice president Abdulrahman Al-Huthail said: “We’ve been able to transform operations at great scale in a very short timeframe due to the unrivalled support from SS&C Blue Prism and our capabilities in Riyad Bank.

“With greater automation infrastructure, pipeline and delivery, Riyad Bank’s workforce is now fully invested in intelligent automation due to the benefits it has seen over the past six months. We are excited about what transformational results we can achieve next.”

SS&C Blue Prism digital workers have managed up to 200 processes across eight areas of operations and returned over 150,000 hours to the business throughout the six months.

It has offered the bank more time for innovation to better serve its customers and offer a good working environment for its employees.

Besides, Riyad Bank is gaining an advantage from intelligent automation in the end-of-day transaction handling for bank tellers.

SS&C Blue Prism EMEA general manager Jerry Hubbard said: “The results Riyad Bank has achieved in just six months demonstrate the significant transformational value automation can bring when you have right culture and support in place.

“Alongside SS&C Blue Prism’s trusted partner, we’re excited to see how Riyad Bank continues to take its organisation forward while benefitting its employees and customers.” In February 2023, Riyad Bank deployed pricing and billing software firm SunTec Business Solutions’ Xelerate platform to go live with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) integration for e-invoicing.