Regnology has announced its plans to sign a definitive agreement to acquire France-based Invoke, a financial, regulatory, and tax reporting solutions provider for supervisory authorities, and reporting entities.

Based in Germany, Regnology provides regulatory and supervisory technology solutions of the automatic exchange of information (AEOI) and tax reporting products and a full-service offering across the regulatory value chain for financial services.

Upon the completion of the agreement with Invoke, Regnology would have marked the fifth acquisition in less than a year.

Earlier this month, Regnology announced the acquisition of UK-based statistical SDMX reporting company Metadata Technology.

It came after the company’s purchase of KPMG’s K-Helix reporting software business unit and the acquisition of Brussels-based reporting firm b-fine in November 2022 and the deal to acquire PwC UK’s Tax Information Reporting (TIR) software business in June 2022.

According to Regnology, Invoke’s corporate tax solution would support the former’s financial tax reporting solution and open a new development area for the company.

Regnology CEO Rob Mackay said: “The round of recent deals we have undertaken, culminating with today’s announcement, sets Regnology on an accelerated path for growth internationally.

“Invoke’s advanced solutions would complement our technology stack while its team’s deep knowledge of the French and Luxembourg markets, in particular, would strengthen our ability to deliver superior RegTech and tax reporting solutions on a wider scale.”

Invoke claims to cater its XBRL-based banking, insurance, and tax reporting solutions to more than 1,800 regulated entities and supervisory authorities throughout Europe.

The firm is said to have more than 160 full-time employees.

Invoke CEO Raphael de Talhouet said: “This proposed deal could come as a natural leap forward for Invoke. Regnology shares the same entrepreneurial vision and innovation focus ISAI Expansion and Sagard NewGen had when they acquired Invoke in 2021.

“Our regulatory and tax expertise, local knowledge, and advanced solutions would be a natural fit for Regnology, and we believe a combination would offer amazing growth opportunities.”

The proposed deal is subject to further due diligence and conditions including information and consultation with Invoke’s works council, approval and execution of any definitive agreement.