French business process automation solutions provider Quadient has partnered with Xero, a cloud-based accounting software for small to medium-sized enterprises, in North America and the UK.

Under the partnership, Quadient integrates with Xero to automate and streamline accounting for small and medium enterprises.

Xero empowers 3.95 million subscribers globally to manage their business accounting seamlessly online and in a centralised location.

Through the integration with Quadient’s AP automation solution, users experience a harmonised synchronization of all Accounts Payable (AP) processes, including tasks such as receiving invoices and purchase orders, as well as inputting payment data.

With Quadient AP, the necessity for manual data import or export is eliminated, thereby minimising the risk of human error. This streamlined approach accelerates cash flow and provides businesses with a clearer understanding of their AP status.

Leveraging Xero’s established proficiency, Quadient AP empowers customers to track and manage their finances with heightened accuracy. Through Quadient’s optical character recognition capability, data is automatically collected and seamlessly inputted into Xero.

This advanced feature, driven by artificial intelligence, eliminates 83% of manual data entry, significantly enhancing efficiency. As a result, the average cost of processing an invoice is reduced from €15 to €2.

Quadient intelligent communication automation chief solution officer Chris Hartigan said: “Quadient’s strategy is to establish partnerships with the world’s major enterprise resource planning and accounting platforms to bring industry-leading technology solutions to our mutual customers.

“By partnering with Xero, we are expanding access of Quadient AP to more accounting teams so they can focus on deeper, more strategic decisioning rather than manual invoice and payment processing.”