PortX, a US-based financial infrastructure and integration technology company, announced a new partnership with MeridianLink to enhance digital lending for financial institutions (FIs).

MeridianLink provides modern software platforms for financial institutions and consumer reporting agencies. On the other hand, PortX specialises in delivering open access to data and rapid innovation through its Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS).

The partnership aims to increase value for customers by integrating MeridianLink’s digital lending and account opening solutions into their existing systems, facilitating the transformation of digital lending processes.

MeridianLink’s cloud-based solutions empower customers to establish deeper relationships with consumers by offering data-driven, personalised experiences throughout the lending life cycle.

PortX CEO David Wexler said: “FIs need to stay ahead of the competition by integrating faster with innovative lending solutions.

“This partnership will bring MeridianLink’s scalable and cloud-based platforms to more FIs, allowing them to deliver personalised lending experiences and build deeper relationships with their customers.”

MeridianLink’s scalable platforms are claimed to assist customers in accelerating revenue growth, mitigating risk, and surpassing consumer expectations through seamless digital experiences. The partner marketplace of MeridianLink is said to support numerous integrations, fostering tailored innovation opportunities.

MeridianLink partner marketplace SVP Megan Pulliam said: “We are excited to partner with PortX and leverage their platform to bring our digital lending solutions to more FIs.s

“By combining our advanced lending capabilities with PortX’s integration technology, we can provide FIs with a powerful suite of tools that unleash rapid project creation, accelerate speed-to-market, and ultimately drive digital transformation.”

The collaboration between PortX and MeridianLink is expected to bring several benefits to financial institutions. PortX’s platform is expected to enable a quick and seamless integration of MeridianLink’s digital lending and account opening solutions into the systems of financial institutions.

The integration grants PortX customers simplified access to MeridianLink’s digital lending and account opening capabilities, along with data verification solutions for consumer reporting agencies.

These capabilities enhance lending processes for financial institutions while providing consumers with a seamless and engaging customer experience.