US-based Pioneer Valley Credit Union has forged a partnership agreement with Mahalo Banking, an online and mobile banking solutions provider for credit unions, to expedite its digital transformation.

With the launch of the Mahalo Banking platform, Pioneer Valley aims to bolster its digital banking experience and enhance its competitive advantage within the sector.

Pioneer Valley is said to be the oldest postal credit union in the country. It caters to members of select employer groups and associations within Western Massachusetts.

Previously, Pioneer Valley used two different suppliers for its online and mobile banking, giving its customers two distinct, fragmented digital experiences.

With the deployment of Mahalo’s platform, Pioneer Valley’s users are expected to have access to better usability and a true omni-experience with a seamless interface.

With the help of Mahalo’s digital banking platform, Pioneer Valley intends to roll out several new features that will provide its customers access to more optimised processes, better self-service capabilities, and financial wellness opportunities.

Pioneer Valley president and CEO Anabela Grenier said: “Mahalo’s proven technology as well as its future roadmap were important factors in our ultimate decision.

“The Mahalo team is in tune with the common challenges faced by credit unions and their members, and they understand the importance of collaboration to ensure all member needs are being met. We know this will be a successful partnership with Mahalo.”

With deep integrations into credit union cores and efficient third-party connections, the Mahalo Banking platform is designed to address the usual member inconveniences and offer an improved digital banking experience for the current era.

The Mahalo platform is said to give credit unions of all asset sizes the flexibility to sharpen their competitive edge while retaining and expanding their member base with its solid performance quality, dependability, and modernised usage.

Mahalo Banking CEO Jim Stickley said: “We just released a significantly enhanced version of our Mahalo Banking platform that delivers digital banking humanized, which will enable Pioneer Valley to truly elevate its overall member experience.

“We are excited to offer its members the innovative tools they need to achieve greater financial autonomy.”