Low-code platform provider Pegasystems has introduced a new solution, dubbed Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management Accelerator, to help financial institutions streamline investigations into financial crimes.

Financial institutions will be able to break through operational silos and speed investigations by utilising Pegasystems’ intelligent automation and case management capabilities along with its generative artificial intelligence (AI)-driven capabilities.

The new solution will offer financial institutions a uniform solution to handle alerts. It will also drive investigations for various risk detection systems, spanning all departments, jurisdictions, and lines of business.

Besides, Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management Accelerator provides a comprehensive, transparent, and actionable overview of each customer’s risk profile within a single application.

Furthermore, financial institutions can optimise their investigation by leveraging the low-code platform provider’s intelligent automation and AI. This will help institutions in achieving quicker resolutions, reduced costs, and improved outcomes for their clients.

The new accelerator is also highly configurable, enabling financial institutions to make use of pre-built process templates as well as to rapidly adjust and extend them to fit their special requirements.

Pegasystems financial services solutions global leader Jason Grasso said: “With financial crime alerts growing exponentially in complexity and in volume due to global events, financial institutions need a better way to consolidate and streamline their investigation processes to manage risk and cost.

“The launch of Pega Financial Crime and Alerts Investigation Management helps financial institutions better orchestrate, automate, and triage investigations end to end, providing their teams with a 360-degree customer view and driving better investigative outcomes.”

The company offers financial institutions case management, customer risk solutions, and workflow automation across management of alerts, fraud, know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), account opening, and client lifecycle management.