Paddle, a payments infrastructure provider for SaaS companies, has acquired ProfitWell, a US-based subscription revenue automation company, in a cash and stock deal worth $200m.

Founded in 2012 by Patrick Campbell, ProfitWell offers subscription metrics and retention automation software.

Headquartered in Boston, the company is claimed to serve more than 30,000 B2B and B2C subscription firms, including Autodesk, Masterclass, Canva, and Asics. ProfitWell’s suite of tools is used for analysing their subscription business before automating their pricing and retention efforts for supporting growth.

The company’s Metrics product is a real-time subscription reporting product. Another product of the company called Retain is an automatic churn reduction tool.

ProfitWell also offers a product called Price Intelligently for optimising SaaS and subscription pricing.

ProfitWell founder and CEO Patrick Campbell said: “At ProfitWell, we’re committed to supercharging revenue growth for some of the most exciting, forward-thinking businesses on the planet – and by joining forces with Paddle we see an opportunity to do even more.

“Paddle shares our mission to help thousands of software businesses avoid the operational hurdles that stand in the way of growth by taking these problems on completely ourselves.”

Paddle plans to integrate ProfitWell’s free financial metrics along with its pricing and retention software into its own platform. This will enable subscription businesses to plug into the Paddle platform and get their taxes, billing, payments, reporting, retention, and pricing automated.

The acquisition follows Paddle’s Series D funding round last month in which the London-based company raked in $200m at a valuation of $1.4bn.

Paddle CEO and co-founder Christian Owens said: “Paddle and ProfitWell share a common goal: maximising our software customers’ revenue by taking care of the operational and financial obstacles that cost unnecessary time and manpower.

“Both companies aim to ‘do it for you’, rather than just help you solve it.”