Origin, a developer of financial management software solutions, has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven personal finance platform.

The new platform offers tracking of net worth, AI-driven financial guidance, automated investing, easy estate planning, tax filing, and the option to meet with a certified financial planner (CFP).

According to the firm, the personal finance platform is an alternative to Mint, a platform for tracking budget, spend, investments and others, which is being shuttered by Intuit.

Currently, the Origin platform is available to anyone in the US as a cost-effective and single destination for all money-related operations.

The new financial planning platform features Origin’s AI-driven planner and offers access to the company‘s certified financial planners.

Origin members can purchase time with a dedicated financial planner and get an expert-built action plan for an additional fee.

The platform also provides access to expert-built automated investing accounts for all types of investors.

Besides, Origin members will be able to file their taxes in the same place they manage, track, and invest their money at no additional cost.

Furthermore, members can generate a full estate plan in less than 20 minutes. This feature is expected to be available next year and is made possible by Origin’s recent acquisition of a step-by-step estate planning tool MyAdvocate.

Origin founder and CEO Matt Watson said: “Origin is now selling directly to consumers to ensure anyone has access to great financial planning advice, regardless of their income or employment status.

“The Origin platform has seen tremendous growth in the employer market, and we’re thrilled to now open it up to anyone who wants to do a better job managing and growing their money.”