Oracle has introduced new artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analytics capabilities to help its Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications customers achieve better business outcomes.

The new AI offerings in Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence will support customers in enhancing decision making by combining data-driven insights and intelligent actions.

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence is a next-generation data, analytics, and AI solution driven by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services including Oracle Autonomous Database, OCI Data Lake, and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

The new AI features in Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence are tailored to further boost existing services with analytics beyond day-to-day transactional reporting.

According to Oracle, advanced machine learning offerings provide insights and predict outcomes on specific questions for finance, supply chain, HR, and customer service.

The Oracle-managed data pipelines and prebuilt analytical models also provide assurance that data is up to date for robust predictive model training and accurate predictions.

The AI-driven analytics integrated into Oracle Fusion Applications include human capital management (HCM) analytics, customer experience (CX) analytics, enterprise resource planning (ERP) analytics, and supply chain and manufacturing (SCM) analytics.

Besides the new AI offerings, Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence currently features an integration with and prebuilt analytics for Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub, part of Oracle Cloud ERP.

Oracle analytics executive vice president TK Anand said: “Collecting, analysing, and contextualising data can be a time-consuming, error-prone process.

“With Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence, our customers can optimise this process by taking advantage of a comprehensive analytics offering that brings together data, ready-to-use analytics, and prebuilt AI models in the right business context.

“The new AI capabilities we are adding can help customers further improve decision making and rapidly turn insights into action.”