OneTrust, a privacy and security software provider, has introduced its new features for its trust intelligence platform to help customers expedite artificial intelligence (AI) adoption and automate compliance.

The new features will enable users to easily govern their use of AI, ensure the responsible use of data across the entire data lifecycle. It will help them achieve efficiency in their compliance programme by means of improved automation and intelligence.

OneTrust’s new updates include AI governance automation rules, integrations with AWS SageMaker, AzureML, and Google Vertex for AI governance, new and improved DataGuidance Experience, and new data policy engine in data discovery.

Another feature called ‘AI Risk Assessments in AI Governance’ will aid in understanding compliance requirements and controls across various AI risk management frameworks. It will also help in identifying resource gaps and initiating the development of an early-stage AI governance programme.

OneTrust will also empower customers to have a 360-degree view of individuals to generate more value from consented data. It will also provide an insight into higher risk third parties with improved screenings of due diligence across financial risks, reputational risks, regulatory risks, and others.

Furthermore, the updated platform will let exchange users to receive immediate notification when one of their connected vendors has new breach information. This is made possible through an integration with HackNotice.

OneTrust chief product and strategy officer Blake Brannon said: “Today organisations are navigating the challenging complexities of being in a data-centric world amplified by AI advancements, the exponential growth of data, and the shift toward first-party data strategies.

“The challenge is not only managing this deluge of data, but doing so in a way that maintains privacy and security, respects personal user consent, and ultimately builds trust to continue capturing and using the data.

“OneTrust is at the forefront, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower organisations to do more than meet compliance requirements. With our platform, they can leverage their data responsibly, foster innovation, and scale their trust programmes effectively.”