Canada-based fintech company Nuvei has forged a partnership with CNBS Software to transform payment processing in the SAP ecosystem.

Established in 2009, CNBS Software offers business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce, and accounts receivable solutions for enterprises operating SAP ERP.

Through the collaboration, the companies aim to boost the payment processing capabilities for businesses that use SAP ECC and S4 systems through seamless integration, improved security, and expanded options for payments.

The partnership will also enable CNBS Software to provide its clients with an integrated payment solution that easily aligns with their existing SAP environment.

Besides, CNBS Software is expected to gain from Nuvei’s expertise of servicing enterprise resource planning (ERP) payment customers.

CNBS Software seeks to streamline its payment workflows by ensuring efficiency and accuracy with the help of Nuvei’s enhanced payment services.

CNBS Software president and CEO Ravi Manchala said: “Nuvei’s deep knowledge in integrated payments and global reach enables us to provide a best-in-class service and user experience across all the payments functionalities of our platform.

“Nuvei has a deep knowledge and experience in integrated ERP & B2B payments, and we feel that our collaboration will bring vast enhancements to our services.”

Nuvei is said to offer a modern, robust and secure payment infrastructure for businesses leveraging SAP solutions through its advanced payment solution, including card acquiring and automated clearing house (ACH) online bank transfers.

The fintech company’s range of payment methods will provide CNBS Software with an extensive variety of options to address the diverse requirements of its global customer base.

CNBS Software will be enabled to provide a suite of alternative payment methods to maximise revenue and expedite growth apart from supporting payouts in the future.

Furthermore, Nuvei’s security framework improves data security and fraud prevention, protecting transactions through CNBS software and safeguarding sensitive payment information.

Nuvei CEO and chair Phil Fayer said: “Nuvei’s historical expertise in ERP and B2B payments combined with CNBS’ deep understanding of the SAP ecosystem creates a best-in-class experience for CNBS’ customers globally.

“Together, we are optimising payment processing within the SAP ecosystem, empowering businesses with enhanced capabilities and greater convenience to maximise revenue growth and operating efficiency.”