London-based intelligent compliance technology company Napier and KYC Portal CLM (KYCP), a client lifecycle management platform, have joined forces to offer financial institutions a comprehensive end-to-end compliance solution.

This strategic partnership aims to break down siloes within compliance operations by seamlessly integrating know your customer (KYC) and compliance processes.

KYC Portal CLM stands out as an award-winning Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Anti-money laundering (AML) orchestration platform. This platform brings automation, centralization, and simplification to the due diligence process.

As a real-time, risk-driven Client Lifecycle Management platform, KYCP assumes full ownership of policy automation, enhancing operational efficiencies and reshaping business relationship outreach. Additionally, it functions as a dynamic workflow platform, reducing risk exposure and associated maintenance costs.

Napier, characterised as a new breed of RegTech, is dedicated to leveraging technological innovation for AML compliance solutions that measurably impact the reduction of financial crime. Trusted by over 200 institutions worldwide, Napier’s platform, Napier Continuum, is reshaping compliance from a mere legal obligation into a competitive edge.

Napier CEO Greg Watson said: “Making sure your organisation is staying compliant is an ongoing challenge.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with KYC Portal to help customers reduce exposure to client risk, reputational risk and regulatory risk, all in real-time.” 

The collaboration involves the integration of KYCP and Napier’s transaction monitoring module, aiming for enhanced speed, efficiency, and accuracy to promptly alert compliance professionals to real-time risks.

The integration ensures that updated customer data from KYCP feeds into Napier’s rules engine. Based on real-time alerts, the rules engine triggers notifications to KYCP, updating transaction-related data in real-time. This seamless flow facilitates the automation of risk-driven events in the lifecycle of a counterparty within KYCP.

KYC Portal founder and CEO Kristoff Zammit Ciantar said: “KYC is the ability to know your customer, their activity, and whether it poses risk to your organisation.

“With knowledge on the entire customer lifecycle, from onboarding and beyond, compliance teams are empowered to have a greater view on customer risk.”