Boutique asset management firm Morgan Dempsey Capital has partnered with Merchant, a private financing provider for the independent wealth sector, to offer risk management capabilities to wealth management professionals. 

As part of the collaboration, both parties will expedite the adoption of risk-adjusted return methodologies within the wealth management industry. 

Morgan Dempsey and Merchant intend to offer new solutions that fulfil the changing needs of wealth management professionals who demand improved risk management strategies in a high-risk environment. 

Based in the US, Morgan Dempsey has $600m in assets under management. 

The firm is said to have a robust track record of managing assets for institutions, individual investors and registered investment advisors (RIAs) through separately managed accounts and various model-based platforms. 

Morgan Dempsey portfolio specialist Dave Isaacson said: “We are delighted to join forces with Merchant, a strategic partner that understands the value we offer to the wealth management community. 

“Our collaboration will empower wealth managers with enhanced risk management capabilities, enabling them to navigate the current economic landscape and deliver superior outcomes to their clients.” 

Morgan Dempsey and Merchant expect to make use of their respective strengths to offer wealth management professionals with innovative tools and insights to streamline risk-adjusted returns. 

Besides, the partnership is projected to raise awareness about the significance of risk management and bolster the adoption of risk-adjusted returns tactics among the wealth management community. 

Merchant managing partner David Mrazik said: “Merchant’s recognition of the value provided by Morgan Dempsey’s Large Cap Value strategy played a significant role in forming this partnership.  

”In a time marked by high inflation levels, elevated geo-political risk, and increased demand for risk management-focused asset managers, Morgan Dempsey’s expertise and success in delivering risk-adjusted returns align perfectly with the needs of the wealth management community.”