Integrated risk assessment firm Moody’s has joined forces with Google Cloud to offer customised generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications for financial services professionals.

The partnership will bring together Moody’s expertise in financial analysis and Google Cloud’s advanced generative AI technologies.

It will allow Moody’s customers and employees to make use of new large language models (LLMs) to gain new financial insights and summarise financial data more quickly.

Google Cloud global AI business and solutions vice president Phil Moyer said: “Our collaboration with Moody’s is a blueprint for how advanced gen AI technology can drive efficiencies for financial institutions and employees in the financial services industry.

“By combining Google Cloud’s cutting-edge gen AI capabilities with Moody’s expertise, we can help customers make better decisions and employees be more productive.”

Both parties aim to co-develop fine-tuned LLMs purpose-built for financial professionals by utilising Google Cloud’s generative AI platform, Vertex AI, and Moody’s analytical expertise.

This will enable customers to carry out quicker, deeper analyses of financial reports, disclosures, and other materials.

Through the collaboration, Moody will also allow access to its proprietary datasets through Google Cloud‘s serverless data warehouse, BigQuery, which lets users manage, query, and analyse data.

The integration will help customers to combine Moody’s vast databases with their native data assets and utilise them in combination with LLMs in Vertex AI.

Besides, clients will be able to develop and access AI models, thereby expediting time-to-value through improved efficiency and tailored use cases for financial services professionals.

Furthermore, Moody’s plans to introduce Vertex AI Search to boost efficiencies by automating manual workflows and combining multiple data sets for easier summation, deeper insights, and overall enhanced productivity.

Moody’s chief product officer Nick Reed said: “Moody’s deep expertise in understanding financial data, disclosures, and reporting uniquely position us to anchor development of fine-tuned large language models.

“Through this partnership, research teams at Moody’s and Google Cloud will collaborate on fine-tuned LLMs and AI applications that will enable financial service professionals to produce new, proprietary insights faster than ever before.”