Paymentology, a global issuer-processor, has partnered with data-driven engagement solutions provider Moneythor to deliver data-driven personalisation and enhanced engagement for banks.

Through the partnership, the companies will offer actionable and event-driven experiences to digital banking customers by utilising Paymentology’s Framework for Authorisation and Settlement Transmission (FAST) interface.

The collaboration also aims to combine Paymentology’s fast and deep data stream with Moneythor’s real-time data-driven recommendations, insights, and nudges to provide better customer experiences quickly and at scale.

According to Paymentology, banks and their customers will gain more relevant personal finance assistance and money management and savings tools by utilising its payments platform along with Moneythor’s enhanced personalisation and engagement engine.

Besides, banks will be able to offer smart loyalty programmes, cashbacks, rewards, and unique gamified experiences.

The in-cloud platform offered by Paymentology delivers flexibility, data-richness, and secure application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable the seamless integration as well as the quick design and deployment of tailored programmes.

Paymentology APAC regional director Emre Durusut said: “By combining Paymentology’s FAST feed technology with Moneythor’s personalised system of engagement, we now offer an unparalleled user-friendly experience.

”The powerful combination of the two companies is enriched by in-depth financial data that banks can readily share with their individual and corporate customers.

”We take great pride in this partnership as we embark on our first common use cases, setting the bar high for the future of next-generation banking.”

Moneythor’s system of engagement for financial services is said to be supported by real-time data analytics and behavioural science.

Moneythor CEO Olivier Berthier said: “Paymentology are the best-in-class processing platform for digital banks.

”By partnering with them we will be able to tap into their rich and meaningful data streams to deliver our actionable insights, recommendations, and nudges to customers when and where it matters most.”