Microsoft said that it has partnered with Philippines-based Security Bank to drive the latter’s digital transformation by developing innovative banking solutions and optimising its sales operations.

The partnership ensured that the private lender could deliver a customer-centric banking experience that is faster and more efficient.

Security Bank transformation team-transaction banking group head Eden Nicole de la Peña-Charpentier said: “BetterBanking means investing in our customers and what matters to them. That’s why we do whatever it takes to understand and adapt to our customers’ needs. That customer-centricity is at the core of who we are.”

According to Microsoft, the Filipino bank undertook extensive analyses for identifying challenges in the operations of its clients.

One of the growth areas identified was preparing, completing, and securing approval for sales proposals as handling of document was manually done, which adversely affected the productivity of the sales team.

Security Bank required a system that was efficient and collaborative to enhance productivity. The bank is said to have leveraged Microsoft technology and support to build its Sales Proposal Builder (SPB) application, which was integrated into its collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft said that the bank has been using its solutions like SharePoint and Office 365 for collaboration, while Microsoft Teams was its main communication tool.

Currently, the sales operation process of Security Bank, from preparing proposals to approvals, is completely digital and optimised, said Microsoft.

The tech major said that rather than editing documents manually, the bank’s sales team can now easily input customer details, then select from the catalogue of all bank products, and just click on what has to be included in the proposal.

Microsoft Philippines enterprise commercial director Beth Pangan said: “Industry and society continue to face the realities of the pandemic and digital technology will be key to resilience and transformation regardless of what comes our way.

“Our ambition is to foster foundational innovation that will create entire ecosystems. This is what our cloud uniquely enables and is intentionally built for.”