Microsoft and ForwardLane, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered decision intelligence platform for asset and wealth management, have joined forces to drive AI-driven advancements in asset management.

In this regard, ForwardLane has secured Microsoft IP Co-sell Ready status, thereby enabling the former to engage in joint go-to-market activities with Microsoft sales teams across the globe.

ForwardLane said that attaining IP Co-sell Ready status underscores its capability to provide collaborative solutions for fund managers, leveraging Microsoft Azure, AI, and machine learning capabilities.

Besides, the AI-driven decision intelligence platform’s solutions will enable customers to utilise unused budget from Microsoft Azure monetary commitment agreements.

Microsoft customers, who are eligible, can apply funds committed through Azure consumption plans to get ForwardLane’s AI platform.

The partnership will also offer ForwardLane access to Microsoft’s over 600 fields sales teams in financial services, technical resources, support, and global customer base. This will advance AI software assisting asset managers and other financial services firms streamline their data landscapes to allow actionable, tailored insights, and next best actions.

ForwardLane CEO Nathan Stevenson said: “Attaining Microsoft IP Co-sell Ready partner status will accelerate our mission to bring intelligent personalisation through AI to financial services firms.

“With access to Microsoft’s cloud capabilities and resources, we look forward to collaborating on the next generation of AI applications powering actionable insights for automated advisory experiences.”

In August this year, ForwardLane unveiled its new generative decision intelligence platform, dubbed EMERGE, to support a new generation of financial services professionals.

The platform is aimed at addressing enterprise challenges including data transparency, data security, and data privacy issues within the wealth, asset management, and insurance sectors.