In a significant strategic partnership aimed at facilitating the transition to electric driving, Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg & Netherlands and Eneco have joined forces to offer their customers innovative charging solutions.

Whether it is a business driver or a private customer, the collaboration seeks to streamline the process of going electric. Mercedes-Benz customers will now have the option to include an Eneco wallbox installation when purchasing their electric or electrified Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz and Eneco are working together to provide smart charging solutions, ensuring that the benefits of electric driving are easily accessible to Mercedes-Benz customers. The process is designed to be straightforward, with Mercedes-Benz dealers equipped to request and oversee the installation of a new charging infrastructure for customers, eliminating any complications and making the switch to electric driving hassle-free.

Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg and Mercedes-Benz Netherlands online to offline operations manager Claire D’Haese said: “With Eneco, we have found a reliable partner for offering charging solutions. Eneco, like Mercedes-Benz, has clear ambitions when it comes to a sustainable future and helps us make the switch to electric driving completely worry-free for customers.”

Eneco’s wallbox installation simplifies the home charging experience. It includes a three-phase charge point, three-phase cabling, a data cable, and a charge card for smart charging. This future-proof solution can adapt to customers’ changing charging needs, avoiding the necessity for drastic alterations in the future.

New electric vehicle (EV) owners will have access to Eneco’s SlimLaden smart charging app, which provides insights into optimal charging times and the ability to use solar panel-generated energy for charging. The app guarantees sustainable and cost-effective charging for all customers.

When on the road, the Mercedes me app keeps drivers informed about battery status, nearby charging stations, and plug & charge features. For more efficient driving and charging, the Mercedes me Eco Coach app is available as a personal trainer.

Eneco eMobility CEO Leonie Baneke said: “We are very excited about the partnership with Mercedes-Benz.

“This allows us, together with a pioneer in electric driving, to offer customers an easy transition towards sustainable mobility.”

Mercedes-Benz is committed to achieving a CO2-neutral product range by 2039, encompassing every aspect of the value chain and product life cycle. This comprehensive approach includes development, suppliers, in-house production, electrification, renewable energy use during the vehicle’s life, and sustainable recycling.

By the end of the decade, Mercedes-Benz aims to offer all-electric models wherever feasible, aligning with its ambitious sustainability goals.

Eneco, with its One Planet Plan, is on a mission to achieve climate neutrality by 2035. This extends beyond their own operations and encompasses the energy supplied to customers.

By expanding solar and wind power capacity and delivering 100% green power by 2030 to both residential and business customers, Eneco is taking significant strides toward achieving its environmental goals.