Global professional services firm Genpact has deepened its collaboration with McKesson, a provider of diversified healthcare services, to transform the latter’s finance operations for improved service and competitive growth.

Building upon a successful 13-year association marked by innovation and process optimisation, the alliance between McKesson and Genpact now embarks on a new chapter.

By capitalising on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, this extended partnership seeks to revitalise and enhance McKesson’s finance operations, aligning them with the demands of an evolving business landscape.

Throughout their longstanding partnership, McKesson and Genpact have consistently striven to simplify and standardise finance processes, leveraging the fusion of McKesson’s visionary outlook, operational finesse, and enterprise strategy roadmap with Genpact’s process expertise.

This harmonious collaboration has yielded a series of digitally-driven automation initiatives and advanced technologies, driving heightened efficiency and effectiveness across McKesson’s financial workflows.

McKesson executive vice president and chief financial officer Britt Vitalone said: “Genpact is a trusted partner in helping McKesson accelerate its digital finance vision and finance operating model to drive strategic business value.

“This partnership, in combination with other finance operating initiatives, will further accelerate our multi-year strategic growth initiative, contributing solid reduction in cost of finance operations and better position McKesson to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.”

As the collaboration extends further, the primary focus will be on advancing the operational model. By strategically integrating digital initiatives, the partnership aims to elevate the company’s operating capabilities, driving scale and responsiveness.

Concurrently, the initiative is set to foster an evolution towards customer-centric models, aligning McKesson’s services with the ever-evolving needs of its clients.

Notably, Genpact’s role in this transformative journey is pivotal. By leveraging its deep process knowledge and commitment to driving outcomes, Genpact has facilitated McKesson’s transition towards a more cost-efficient framework.

This shift has not only enhanced the overall experience for customers and partners but has also propelled the company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), reflecting the positive impact on satisfaction and loyalty.

Genpact president and CEO Tiger Tyagarajan said: “Rapid changes and disruption have underscored ongoing cost pressures, data management challenges, and need for agility that the healthcare industry has always faced, making it critical that leaders like McKesson continue to adapt their operating models.

“We look forward to continuing to innovate with McKesson to transform their finance operations globally to drive quick, strategic decisions and continue to deliver business value in a fast-paced environment.”