Personal financial planning company has introduced its new artificial intelligence (AI)- driven mobile app for seamless savings and investing.

Designed to meet the financial requirements of individuals, the new Martuk app optimises investing and automates savings.

It also improves budgeting and debt management for users to ensure a frictionless and efficient financial planning experience.

The new app will also offer users control over their finances. It features tools for expense tracking, bill pay, invoice management, and insightful expense reports.

Through the initiative, Marktuk aims to simplify the complexities of financial management and allow users to effortlessly achieve financial stability and growth with flexible pricing plans.

The Martuk app’s intuitive interface enables users to set goals for savings, effectively allocate funds, and monitor progress in real-time. It also provides the required tools for informed decision-making.

By supporting multiple currencies, the new app will support users who travel frequently or handle international transactions. It will also facilitate providing a seamless experience for global financial management without bothering currency conversion.

For students, the app offers customised features designed to manage finances on a limited income, allowing them to focus on their studies.

Couples can benefit from shared accounts, simplifying the management of joint finances and enabling the setting of shared financial goals.

Besides, the app includes debt reduction strategies to help users in planning payments and negotiating lower interest rates.

Furthermore, Marktuk enables users to link directly to bank accounts for real-time updates on transactions and balances. This will eliminate the need for manual entry.

It will also help users to have an accurate and up-to-date view of their financial status at all times.