LUMIQ, a data and analytics company, has revealed a strategic partnership with Automated Data (ADI) aimed at ushering in a new era of enhanced business value through seamless data integration for financial services institutions.

The collaboration brings forth an innovative approach to data management that promises to be a game-changer for the industry.

LUMIQ, known for its cutting-edge automated data ingestion and transformation tools, is teaming up with ADI, a provider of a highly scalable data connectivity platform, to create a powerful synergy.

Together, they are simplifying the processes of onboarding, ingesting, transforming, and merging both internal and external data sources at an unprecedented scale. This streamlined approach opens the doors to transformative growth, driven by actionable insights.

LUMIQ CEO and founder Shoaib Mohammad said: “We’re excited to unveil our strategic collaboration with ADI. This partnership with a data connectivity leader strengthens LUMIQ’s ability to provide significant value to clients.”

One of the standout features of this partnership is LUMIQ’s AI-powered tool, which is specifically designed to bolster Data Reliability. This tool plays a pivotal role in monitoring data quality, observability, and DataOps controls.

With ADI’s support, LUMIQ offers a seamless and efficient data connection process that accommodates a wide array of matching models and applications. This flexibility allows for data linkage from diverse sources, enriching the quality and utility of the integrated data.

Notably, all data matching processes are executed with a steadfast commitment to stringent governance protocols. This includes the meticulous tracking of data origins, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the integration process.

Moreover, operational functionalities such as the ability to override settings and manage data clusters provide Financial Services institutions with unprecedented control over their data.

ADI CEO Michael Rude said: “We are excited about our collaboration with LUMIQ because they have a track record of delivering high-quality data platform solutions to the financial services vertical. This alliance will build upon LUMIQ’s unique strength in financial data allowing customers to integrate diverse data sources for unique business outcomes.

“Examples include business and process automation, error resolution, actionable insights, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.”