The Investment Promotion Agency Qatar (Invest Qatar) has partnered with Microsoft to develop Ai.SHA, an innovative AI-powered assistant harnessing GPT capabilities through the Azure OpenAI service. This groundbreaking initiative positions Invest Qatar as one of the first investment promotion agencies (IPA) in the world to adopt advanced technology, paving the way for transformative changes in professional interactions between investors and businesses in Qatar.

The introduction of Ai.SHA underscores Invest Qatar’s commitment to advance its cutting-edge digital offering, by harnessing the potential of innovative technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to create a unique experience for investors. Ai.SHA serves as a comprehensive resource for informed decision-making in business endeavours. It addresses inquiries on Qatar’s business opportunities, investment ecosystem, business setup and expansion amongst much more. It also leverages data from partner entities, including the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Qatar Financial Centre, Qatar Science and Technology Park and Qatar Free Zones Authority.

This initiative builds on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Invest Qatar and Microsoft last year. The MoU shares the common goal of fostering innovation within Qatar’s digital sector and advancing a knowledge-based economy in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030).

Hamad Rashid Al-Naimi, Strategy Manager at Invest Qatar, said: “We are confident that Ai.SHA will open new avenues for interested investors and streamline the decision-making process, enhancing its accessibility and efficiency. We are always interested in bringing new ways to innovate the investment landscape and Ai.SHA is a testament to Invest Qatar’s unwavering commitment to creating a supportive and conducive environment for investors.”

Amr Samir, Public Sector Director, Microsoft Qatar, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Invest Qatar to launch their first AI-powered assistant, an unprecedented leap into transformative opportunities for Qatar’s investment scene. This collaboration showcases the game-changing impact of generative AI, redefining how investors and entrepreneurs engage with opportunities and strengthening Qatar’s position as a global investment hub.”

The launch of Ai.SHA was also supported by Information & Communication Technology W.L.L. (ICT), a Microsoft partner, and Applab, a Qatari company specialising in online platform development. ICT was responsible for designing and implementing the chatbot’s foundational framework, including complex natural language processing algorithms, conversation flows and data integration. Applab enhanced the chatbot’s user interface and integration with the website, while Invest Qatar conducted in-depth research and data verification to create Ai.SHA’s distinctive visual identity.

The introduction of Ai.SHA marks a significant milestone in Invest Qatar’s expanding digital investment relations offering. The Agency recently unveiled the “Invest Qatar Gateway,” a pioneering digital platform tailored for investors in Qatar. This free online resource serves foreign investors and companies by streamlining the search for new business partnerships, uncovering opportunities in both public and private sectors and providing essential resources to foster the development of businesses in Qatar.

Through the platform, investors gain access to a comprehensive database of current tenders, enabling them to connect with fellow platform members and engage directly with the Invest Qatar Investor Relations team. This direct line of communication ensures tailored support for establishing or expanding their business ventures across various sectors.

Source: Company Press Release