Danish insurance company Alm. Brand Group has partnered with technology services and consulting company Cognizant to enable automation services.

Under the collaboration, Cognizant will start offering a range of business processes previously outsourced by Alm. Brand to other vendors.

The new partnership will focus on automating many of these processes and tasks to improve efficiency.

It will enhance client experience and further advance the Danish insurance firm’s competitiveness.

Besides, Cognizant aims to automate various processes including insurance policies and administrative tasks which are conventionally manual and repetitive actions.

These initiatives are aimed at offering an efficiency gain by enabling more tasks to be completed in a shorter time. It will also provide a better experience for the customer.

Alm. Brand commercial lines group executive director Camilla Amstrup said: “The latest development within business process outsourcing increasingly involves automating outsourced processes for greater efficiency and improved customer experience and thereby strengthening competitiveness.

“That’s why we at Alm. Brand Group have chosen Cognizant as our new outsourcing partner, as they are particularly skilled at collaborating with companies to automate all or part of their business processes.” 

Alongside Alm. Brand’s own automation specialists, Cognizant will also assist in discovering more automation opportunities.

Furthermore, the IT services and consulting company will leverage the capabilities and deep expertise within its Danish and Nordic-speaking centre of excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania, which specialises in insurance and automation.

Cognizant plans to consolidate all of Alm. Brand’s outsourced processes in Vilnius by the next year.

Cognizant Denmark country manager Thomas Djursoe said: “The insurance sector has vast potential to modernize its operations and automation is a highly effective technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

“Automation often sets businesses up for future readiness, enabling greater transformation and preparedness for the advancement of technologies such as Generative AI. Businesses – and industries – who prioritise digital transformation are often able to gain a greater competitive advantage.”