Infosys, an Indian digital services and consulting company, has completed the foundation phase of a major digital programme for Australia-based Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

The Indian IT firm has delivered the digital programme in collaboration with Microsoft.

Through the transformation, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has been enabled to consolidate various legacy document management systems into a single enterprise document management system (EDMS) as well as provide better customer service.

By leveraging Microsoft’s SharePoint Online, the new platform utilises Infosys Cobalt cloud offerings.

The platform enables democratisation of data, streamlined document storage, and improved collaboration across the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Besides, the consolidation of document management systems into a cloud-based platform will facilitate a better employee experience, said Infosys.

Infosys executive vice president and Australia and New Zealand region head Andrew Groth said: “The outstanding results achieved by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank illustrates how complex legacy systems are transformed by our proven Infosys Cobalt cloud ecosystem.

“Working seamlessly with partners such as Microsoft, Infosys supports Financial Services organisations to accelerate business outcomes, including strengthening employee and customer experience.”

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank can also define security groups and better manage permission levels to address audit and compliance needs.

The bank will deliver a more uniform user experience across its products and services along with enhancing privacy and document retention compliance.

Infosys has also automated the entire data migration process with the new cloud-based platform which will significantly reduce operational overheads.

Bankers at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank will leverage functionalities in the upgraded SharePoint experience and modern user interfaces that are more accessible.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank lending technology practice lead Nathalie Moss said: “Our employees are now able to service customers faster and more easily due to the centralised document storage and common searchable access approach. The key to the program led by Infosys is findability.

“The faster we can find all relevant customer documents, the more deeply we understand the customer and the more personalised the service we offer becomes, every time we interact.”