iFOREX, a firm specialising in online trading, has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) trading assistant aimed at improving the trading experience of its users.

The AI tool is currently live on the iFOREX website. It will support traders with instant answers to their questions about trading with the broker.

Users will be able to ask various trading-related questions for which they will receive immediate and accurate responses, said the company.

According to iFOREX, the new AI trading assistant will become an invaluable resource for all trading inquiries of its users, catering to both seasoned traders and newcomers.

The new AI assistant on the iFOREX platform is said to provide users with comprehensive support, from understanding market concepts to navigating the iFOREX trading platform. This will make the new solution an intelligent tool for all trading inquiries.

Besides, the tool is said to be a major step forward in the way iFOREX supports its users. It will deliver unparalleled access to information and assistance in real-time for the users, said iFOREX.

An iFOREX spokesperson said: “Trading can be complex and time-sensitive.

“Our new AI assistant is here to simplify the process, providing our clients with the information they need, precisely when they need it. This innovation underscores our commitment to leveraging the latest technology to enhance our clients’ trading experience.”

Established in 1996, iFOREX is said to be one of the largest brokers in the industry. The firm creates mass trading volume and offers vast liquidity to various traders worldwide.

The company is said to bring together advanced technology and customer service to address the requirements of modern traders in an ever-changing online environment.