Infrastructure Data Solutions (IDS) is joining forces with engineering and asset management consulting company Benesch to expand the delivery of asset management solutions and services.

Based in Canada, IDS is an infrastructure asset management optimisation and decision analytics software firm. It has developed a strategic asset management software called Asset Optimizer.

Asset Optimizer offers infrastructure managers analytics capabilities to comprehend and forecast both performance and risk of assets during their life cycle. It is also designed to streamline investment and programming decisions.

The software is deployed in multiple infrastructure sectors including transportation, municipal, and utilities sectors.

IDS president and CEO Mahmoud Halfawy said: “We are very excited to partner with Benesch, a firm with unmatched track record in delivering engineering, asset management and decision analytics solutions across multiple sectors.

“Benesch has an extensive track record and an outstanding multi-disciplinary team of asset management experts with a wealth of expertise. Our partnership will enhance IDS’ ability to deliver superior solutions with best-in-class implementation and consulting services from Benesch’s team.”

Through the collaboration, both companies are seeking new opportunities for implementing advanced asset management solutions as well as help clients to use innovative analytics and capabilities in asset life cycle planning.

Headquartered in the US, Benesch is a multidisciplinary professional services firm which specialises in transportation engineering, environmental, water/wastewater, geotechnical, landscape architecture, site development and construction engineering and inspection.

Benesch Water Group manager Steve Roth said: “At Benesch, we are always looking for ways to better serve our clients and communities.

“With this partnership, I am confident we will be able to level up our client’s asset management programs and transform the way they manage infrastructure.”